Printing Memberships


Printing members have 24 hour access to the press and the facilities of the artist studio building.

Flatfile and storage is included. Printing members play a major role in decision making at the press and participate in community events, exhibitions, special projects and have exclusive access to press reservation calendar. 


$110 per month
with a membership
agreement of 12 months. 

$120 per month
with a membership
agreement of 6 months. 

$130 per month
with a membership
agreement of 3 months.

A one month deposit is expected,
which will be applied to your last month’s
membership dues.  Application &
Contract Required.

Membership Application


We accept applications on an ongoing basis. Please fill out the application below and send your CV and a single PDF of 3-5 images of your work to We do not recommend filling out this application on a mobile device as we may not receive them. You should receive an immediate confirmation of your application, a personal response will follow shortly. 

Name *
What contract length are you interested in? *
We have a limited amount of funds to provide a full 12 month membership for someone who may not be in a position to afford one otherwise. In a few sentences, please let us know if you are interested in this scholarship and why.
I have sent my CV and a Single PDF of 3-5 images of my work to *