A Community print shop in downtown portland, ME

About Us

Pickwick Independent Press is a fine art printmaking shop in the heart of the arts district of downtown Portland, Maine. The press is located in SPACE Studios , a community of 35 active professional artists. We have presses and equipment for intaglio, relief, letterpress, silkscreen, and offset lithography printmaking. We provide  a practical physical space that serves artists needs as makers. By sharing the burden of equipment costs and studio rental fees, our artists can focus their resources on their work. Programming includes tiered memberships, workshops, publishing opportunities and one-on-one assistance with your projects.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create energy around the process of making for both the art community and the greater community of Portland. Our goal is to be one of this city’s most vital artistic hubs, connecting artists and printmakers, turning printmaking into a collaborative event. We hope to bolster the already vibrant Portland community by providing a productive and exciting place to work.


Pickwick has equipment available for a variety of print mediums.

Intaglio, Etching & Relief Presses


  • El Camino: a Richeson Medium Press Great for every process. Bed Size: 19x36"

  • Goldie Hawn: a souped up Italian Deluxe Pro 3670. Great for every process. Bed size: 28x60"

  • The Pix: Our hand built wooden wonder- perfect for relief & monoprinting. Bed size: 48x96"

Other Equipment: 

  • Large paper (36x48") soaking sink

  • Heated wiping station

  • Ferric Chloride Acid tanks for Copper Plates

  • Rosin Box

Relief & Letterpress Presses


  • Vandercook 4, 15"x20" bed

  • Chandler & Price Platen Press, 8"x12" chase

  • Show Card Proofing Press

Other Equipment: 

  • 5 cases of wood and metal type and cuts, and all other materials for letterpress.

  • Photopolymer plate exposure unit

Screen Printing

  • UV exposure vacuum unit 26x36"

  • Large light table

  • Large wash out Sink

  • Squeegees & Scoop coaters

  • Printing Tables & single screen t-shirt press


  • A very grumpy GR1700; this machine does not reliably register, even more so than the usual riso charm. if that's ok with you, come on over!

  • maximum image size 8.25x13.75

  • maximum paper size 11x17

  • 7 Drums: Red, Blue, Black, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Yellow, Grey

Offset Lithography

  • ABDick 360 Maximum paper size 11x17,


  • Drying racks

  • Industrial staplers

  • Ream Guillotine, Max Paper Size 19in.

  • Medium one sheet paper cutter, 24in.

  • Nipping press

  • Spiral binder

  • Paper drill

  • Perforator

  • Corner Rounder


  • Computer with Creative Suite

  • Scanner & Large format Ink jet Printer 13x19

  • Small Hand tools

  • Fridge & Kitchen Supplies

  • lots and lots of random supplies