Daily & Monthly Access


Upon request, you can rent our facilities to accomplish your work or host an event.

No application required, but expertise with the equipment is required; taking a workshop may be required to gain access to certain equipment. All applicants and projects are subject to shop manager's approval. Rates are per person. 


$125 / first 4 hour day* 
Includes tour & safety tutorials

$50 / 4 hour rental

$75 / 4 hour *within arms reach of a member who can answer questions

$75 / 8 hour day

$200 / 5-day week

$300 / month

* First Day fee waived if you've taken a workshop
with us or are a Pickwick Alum

$250/ day Daily Access with Printer

For the person who knows the basics, has a project to get done and needs an expert brain and hands for assistance; We'll hook you up with a member of the printshop to help you print. These are 8 hour days with a meal break. 

Contact us about your hopes and dreams

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How long would you like to access the facilities? *
Please describe what you will be printing at Pickwick, what equipment you require, and your experience level.
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