Daily & Monthly Access


Upon request, you can rent our facilities to accomplish your work Monday-Saturdays 9-6 pm.

Application for Membership is not necessary, but expertise with the equipment is required; taking a workshop may be required to gain access to certain equipment.
All applicants and projects are subject to shop manager's approval.
All Rates detailed below are per printer.
Reservations can be made with a minimum of 1 weeks notice.
If you’d like to access the shop outside of the Monday-Saturday 9-6pm time frame, a specific quote can be issued.


$125 / first 4 hour day* 
Includes tour & safety tutorials

$50 / 4 hour rental

$75 / 4 hour session Within Arms Reach of a member who can answer questions

$75 / 8 hour day

$200 / 5-day week

$300 / 30-day month

Bring Your Own Clean Hands Assistant: add 50% of the appropriate fee to the rate, per person. These assistants will not be able to operate equipment. If they need to operate equipment, the full rate applies. Please specify this in your Project Description below.

* First Day fee waived if you've taken a workshop
with us or are a Pickwick Alum within the last year.

$250/ day Daily Access with Master Printer

For the person who knows the basics, has a project to get done and needs an expert brain and hands for assistance; We'll hook you up with a Master Printer to help you print. These are 8 hour days with a meal break. 

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