PRINTERVIEW!: Crystal Cawley

Crystal Cawley has been a member for over a year and can be found battling our largest press while making letter and text based patterns for a variety of her pieces and soothing our vandercook as an active Printer Without Margins. Her Printer's Devil edition (above) gives us a taste of her text pattern and embroidery mastery. 

quick bio in 2-3 sentences:

Crystal Cawley is an artist who works with paper, textiles, collected objects, and re-purposed materials. Her work explores ideas of identity, time, and loss, and draws on various traditional skills like embroidery and letterpress printing. Besides being a happy member of Pickwick Independent Press, she also prints and teaches in Portland at Wolfe Editions. 

tell us about your print:

CC: I used a photopolymer plate for the skirt, which was leftover from a print I made in 2015. It is a gathering of wood type brush-style letters photographically made into a single plate. The bodice is printed from a wood type number 3 that is in a sorts case at Pickwick. 

music you listened to while making this print?

CC: Whatever was in my head that day. I forget how to turn on the music at Pickwick.

how many times did penny make you fetch a ball for her?

CC: 0 (this time) because I was printing very early and nobody else was there.

how long have you been making prints?

CC:Since 1976. 

how do you get started with your prints?

CC: Some inspiration comes from books — I’m happy stealing quotes and ideas from poetry, non-fiction, and fiction.  Other times I go to the print shop, start looking in type cases, and start with whatever catches my eye. From there it’s getting my hands dirty and paying attention to what develops. 

what's your favorite recipe?

CC: My Aunt Clara’s chocolate cake with mocha cream frosting

other places we can see your work?

CC: My web site, locally at the Maine Women Writers Collection, and other public collections listed on my web site.

take a selfie right now 

CC: Nope, I don’t do those. 

PRINTERVIEW!: Rachel Kobasa

Rachel Kobasa has been a member at the shop for three years and creates letterpress and screen printed masterpieces. She's created a Printer's Devil Print for mass consumption, but you can also see her posters at most rallies, marches and protests and in postcard form at any representatives office. 


1. give us a quick bio:

RK: What is this, an online dating profile?

2. tell us about your print:

RK: I like diners, I can stare forever at the sky when the sun has set but the hues of blue are still varied, and I have a fondness for Ed Ruscha.

3. music you listened to while making this print?

RK: Ego Death, by The Internet - over and over again

4. how many times did penny make you fetch a ball for her?

RK: I'd say about three.

5. how long have you been making prints?

RK: More than five but fewer than seven.

6. what has printmaking taught you?

RK: Perfection is a false notion. (But it IS a board game - did you know that?)

7. how do you get started with your prints? (inspiration and/or process)

RK: Either a commission - so taking someone's ideas/needs and then jumping into my own practice - or starting from something I've seen/heard/read in the world. How's that for specificity?

8. what's your favorite recipe?

RK: Granola. It's kind of a secret unless you're in my apartment and see it displayed on the fridge.

9. other places we can see your work?

RK: My dad's house!

10. take a selfie right now: