PRINTERVIEW!: Rachel Kobasa

Rachel Kobasa has been a member at the shop for three years and creates letterpress and screen printed masterpieces. She's created a Printer's Devil Print for mass consumption, but you can also see her posters at most rallies, marches and protests and in postcard form at any representatives office. 


1. give us a quick bio:

RK: What is this, an online dating profile?

2. tell us about your print:

RK: I like diners, I can stare forever at the sky when the sun has set but the hues of blue are still varied, and I have a fondness for Ed Ruscha.

3. music you listened to while making this print?

RK: Ego Death, by The Internet - over and over again

4. how many times did penny make you fetch a ball for her?

RK: I'd say about three.

5. how long have you been making prints?

RK: More than five but fewer than seven.

6. what has printmaking taught you?

RK: Perfection is a false notion. (But it IS a board game - did you know that?)

7. how do you get started with your prints? (inspiration and/or process)

RK: Either a commission - so taking someone's ideas/needs and then jumping into my own practice - or starting from something I've seen/heard/read in the world. How's that for specificity?

8. what's your favorite recipe?

RK: Granola. It's kind of a secret unless you're in my apartment and see it displayed on the fridge.

9. other places we can see your work?

RK: My dad's house!

10. take a selfie right now: